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Me and my father at the forge with style.

We forge your world

FORGES PELLI DESIGN is a forging company who design and forge DECORATIVE OBJECTS.  

We are proud to introduce our
Curtain Rods

Our different models are sturdy and beautiful.
We design and forge all our curtain rods for making your home beautiful.
Click photo to buy

It's fit well in different styles. 
Our curtain rod fits in classical, country style, and modern. This is some image from our customers. 

We offer different choices of finish.
By default, rods are coming with a brush and a clear finish. this is the finish show on most of our photos. Click here for more info.

Well packaged.
We know how important is to receive your curtain rods in good condition. We developed packaging to secure your goods.  

Un homme qui prend des ordres

Patrice Pelli, Artist blacksmith and designer

Forge and Textured by hand. 
All our curtain rods are hand forged by an experienced blacksmith.
Click here for more infos about the artist. 



11535 5e Avenue, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, H1E 1P9         514-494-8428

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