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Finish and Faux finis

You will find here the information about:

  • Finish

  • Faux finis

  • Textures

Brush and ClearOn most of my photos the finish is brush and Clear. Offer in matte, satin, and gloss.
Iron exposes his true colors enhanced by a clear coat. It is why you see different colors.


Soft iron (Anthracite): This painting color is very close to the iron colors and Brush and clear. It is more uniform. It could be used in humid space like a toilet or outside with a zinc primer.  


Copper:  This is a painting color. 


Black:  This is a painting color offered in matte, satin, and gloss.


Zinc Primer and black satin: This finish is recommended for outside and bathroom. Primer is an anti-oxidation high zinc primer. We do not suggest using black matte because water is retained by it and may cause oxidation.

Finish and faux fini

We use Rustoleum Paints available at Home depot. You can also look at to have a larger selection of colors.
Viewing colors online can have slight variances due to your device color settings.
For a more precise color selection go to your local home depot store to view the Color Chart in person.

State exactly which Rustoleum Paint and Finish you use so they look at the correct chart.

These colors and faux fini are availables only on special demand.

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