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Blacksmith, Father ans son.1990

The Firm

Family business founded in 1979 in Trois-Pistoles by Henri D. Pellissier, Les Forges Pelli creates specialize originally with the manufacture of fireplace doors.

The founder of the company who learned the trade of the European (graduated in art ironwork in Switzerland in 1949), testifies to this particular and rare know-how here in North America. Both by the unmatched quality and the craftsmanship of the traditional type as the traditional and traditional forging methods.


Pelli Ferronnier Art Inc., Patrice Pellissier founded Les Forges Pelli Design with Annick Salomon (Architect) in 1992. is itinerary as to work prestigious projects such as Dalmy's Canada (display objects) and restaurants Eggspectation (furniture). See important projects.

Then he left Canada for Switzerland in 1998 where he had many forge experiments at the Vallorbe Iron Museum and various activities in the metal field. In addition to the professional experience of stay allowed him to develop a concern for detail and work well done which made the fame of the inhabitants of this country.


Nostalgic of the land that had been seen since, he returned to Quebec in 2004 and took the sense of the family business, succeeding his father who was getting older. Since then, he has been developing collections of furniture and collections, and a collection of items sold on the Internet (Etsy and hand made on Amazon) and successfully completing the beautiful achievements.


Patrice Pellissier, the current president, first learnt the trade from his father, then followed a training in metalwork. He graduated in 1984, (Moulin de la Chevrotière of Deschambault, Quebec). He also had courses in visual arts (Cegeps de Rimouski) in environmental design (Univ du Quebec) and in multi-media (Infolearn, Lausanne, CH).

Moulin de la Chevrotiere de Deschambault, Québec, Canada

The forge

The workshop, very well equipped, has equipment made specifically for ironwork and forging, including forging fires (coal and gas), power hammer, hydraulic press 55 tons, several anvils and a beautiful collection of hammers, tongs and forging tools.

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