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Wrought iron table



I am an artist blacksmith and designer and I design and manufacture wrought iron tables with wooden and glass tops. It will be my pleasure to collaborate with you for your projects. Although my specialty is hot forging, I also make furniture with more contemporary forms.


My training in Arts and Design allows me to conceive objects and to adapt them to your needs while my training in Ironwork of art and the experience that I acquired in the field allows me to manufacture them according to the highest standards. For more details on my journey. Click here


Our tables are as beautiful as:

  • Kitchen table

  • Dining table

  • Living room table

  • Nightstand

  • Console


The technical mastery acquired over many years and passed on from my father allows me to offer objects that will last over time without going out of style. The finish is an important element that denotes the quality of an object. This is what distinguishes furniture that will last over time and that you will be proud of.


I, therefore, attach particular care to the finish. This is what has made the reputation that my father and I have built over these long years. The designs adapt to your taste and style and can be just as modern, contemporary, classic, traditional and even medieval. We offer several finishes such as:


  • Black (Matte, Satin, Brilliant)

  • Dark steel

  • Matte soft iron

  • Oil-rubbed bronze

  • Matte burnished amber

  • Burnished amber


Our table bases can receive a wooden or glass top whether square, round rectangle or oval. These tops can be floating or placed in a frame. The great versatility of my business and the aesthetic, technical and functional understanding allow me to make custom tables that will suit your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your interior decoration projects.

P. Pelli

Forgeron d'art et designer

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