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Curtain rod with bracket modern rod 3/4"

Curtain rod with bracket modern rod 3/4"



FREE SHIPPING ---- USA and Canada only.  
Model name: Curtain rod round 3/4"

Model number: Cr/round 3/4"

You must specify in the commentary box the exact length you need to be cut. When is not specified, we will send you the longer measurements listed. 

You could refer to the drawing (in the photo set) for the measurements. 

For example: if you need 32" then order 24" to 36" and make a note that you need 32". 


SET OF CURTAIN ROD WITH BRACKETS in real wrought iron made by an experienced blacksmith.

The set includes:

     -One curtain rod of 3/4" square. 
     -Two brackets
     - Middle bracket when is necessary because of the length.

Note: depending on the length, the rods are coming in two or three bars screwable together.  See videos no 1 and 2 


Follow this link to find more info about this product:


Also, you will find more about how to calculate your curtain rods on my Pinterest page

Don't hesitate to communicate with us if you need any help with measuring or any questions.


These CURTAIN RODS are made by an experimented blacksmith with ancestral and modern techniques.


These curtain rods are made with 3/4" round steel polish before painting to give an elegant smooth surface. 
Screws not included. 


Many are finishes are offered. For more Infos refer to the FAQ (Click here) on our internet site.


Each object is made by a blacksmith of over thirty years of experience. He makes sure that the order is respected and practices a STRICT CONTROL OF QUALITY. The square had a tolerance of fewer than 0,5 degrees. Usually, the dimension is close to the dimension showed, but it could be more or less than 1/2'' because of the forging process in the length and the height.

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